Matt Badiali: Oil May Hit $100 A Barrel

Matt Badiali is a financial analyst who has made a name for himself for his ability to spot natural resource companies with huge potential. His educational and training background as a geologist has enabled him to pick investments that have helped make his subscribers great return rates. He has recently taken notice of the ongoing rise in the oil prices. Matt Badiali and other financial analysts now believe that the price for a barrel of crude oil could hit $100, a level not seen since oil took a nosedive in 2015. One of the current drivers for the price of oil has been that sanctions on Iran will take into effect in November. Companies will be forbidden to purchase Iranian oil, which will mean less supply for the oil market. Some analysts believe the sanctions will remove approximately one million barrels from the oil market.

Investor confidence has also been a driver in the price of oil. If the US economy continues to boom, there will be more fuel consumption. Most analysts are still very optimistic about the state of the US economy and believe that oil could continue to rise. As sentiment for oil prices becomes more bullish, more speculators and money managers will be drawn in. There are some traders who are expecting the rising oil prices to be a hindrance to economic growth in the US. Higher oil prices are going to mean pain for the average American when they must fill up their vehicles with gasoline.

High gasoline prices could also put pressure on the Trump Administration depending on how much pain there could be at the pump. Matt Badiali has been anticipating higher oil prices for some time now. He increased his name recognition when he started to promote “Master Limited Partnerships”. Many MLPs are involved in the oil and gas industry and he has stated that in the long run, higher oil prices will make many of these companies even more profitable. If Matt Badiali is correct about the future of oil prices, many of his stock picks that are related to the oil industry will be fantastic investments and provide phenomenal return rates for investors.

Graeme Holm Receives Innovative Award for Company after Nearly Two Decades in Financial Sector

Graeme Holm co-founded Infinity Group Australia in 2013, and since that time, the company has been ranked among the top companies in Australia and New Zealand. Infinity Group Australia has been considered as the fastest growing company for debt reduction. The company has helped thousands of Australians not only reduce their high debt but also improve upon their overall personal finances and build a better foundation for their future.


This year, Infinity Group Australia was selected by the Australian Financial Review (AFR) in the category for one of the “Most Innovative Companies of 2018.” Infinity Group Australia was ranked at number 58 on the list. This prestigious honor comes only five years after the company was founded. Holm spent more than six months researching the Australian mortgage market. During that time, he discovered there was a considerable amount of support lacking for families who were overspent and struggling with their debt. There wasn’t any direct advice or guidance available for them to find practical solutions for their financial difficulties. Holm stated in part, “We are proud to have been listed on the list. Thanks to the Australian Financial Review. It’s an honor. Congratulations to our amazing team for their passion for doing things differently.”


Prior to Infinity Group Australia being founded, there wasn’t a great amount of direction for creating wealth or securing the futures of families. The mission of the company is to help everyday Australians create a relationship with a company that represents compassion, integrity, and trust. Through the research process, Holm found that many families in Australia received very poor representation from financial institutions. The company is driven by a sense of passion to correct the situation one home at a time throughout the country. The company’s approach is to provide a personal touch with their clients. The outcome results in clients paying off their loans faster than with previous institutions. Infinity Group Australia provides clients with detailed reports, monthly performance and progress reports, ongoing analysis and reviews of their current financial situation, as well as direct assistance for developing and maintaining a successful budget.


Holm has over 17 years of experience working in the financial sector. He has accreditations in financial planning and real estate planning. After almost a decade in the banking industry, Holm discovered that his passion did not include promoting bank products and services offered by those institutions. Infinity Group Australia was started on a foundation of passion and inspiration to change the lives of Australians. He wanted to make a difference. However, Holm still believes in a collaborative effort. “[Infinity Group Australia] has a strong culture…we encourage employees to share innovative ideas and collaborate with other industry professionals,” says Holm. He believes that coaching and consulting will be a fast-growing sector in the business world of today.


Infinity Group Australia is based in Bella Vista, New South Wales. It is estimated that clients reduce an average of $41,000 in debt with the assistance of Infinity Group Australia within their first year. Additionally, 100 percent of the company’s clients reduce their home loan within three months, which is quicker than they did with a traditional bank structure within the preceding 12 months. Learn more:



Talkspace is an online therapy company that provides its clients access to therapists through the internet. Talkspace was established in the year 2012 by Oren Frank and his co-founder with the aim of making psychotherapy affordable and accessible to all individuals across the globe. Presently, Oren Frank is one of the leading managers of this online therapy platform. Since its foundation, the firm has allowed over a million clients to get access to the therapists where about 70% of them have undergone therapy for the first time.

Some of the issues that Talkspace help its users to find therapy for include anxiety, addiction, depression, eating disorders, personality disorders, family problems, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Oren Frank uses his capacity at the firm to help people who have mental illnesses while finding ways of minimizing and reducing the stigma of such disorders in the community.

Talkspace believes that everyone can benefit from therapeutic services since it has a rich history of helping people with various problems over its years of service. The most important factor that the company considers is the urgency and priority of dealing with clients. Some patients may require more urgent attention than others and that has to be put into an account.

As research studies show an increased rate of mental problems that are associated with anxiety and depression, many employers are taking mental illnesses more serious than before. As a result of this, Talkspace stands in an excellent position to help people who suffer from mental disorders. To achieve this mission, Talkspace focuses on being employee-focused to ensure that employees can report back to their various jobs as fast as possible after being affected by such disorders.

This year, Talkspace hired Neil Leibowitz as its Chief Medical Officer. The newly introduced medical officer will be tasked with the responsibilities of building the firm’s business and providing medication prescriptions through the Talkspace App. Neil Leibowitz is a former senior medical director of his former company called UnitedHealth. The Chief Medical Officer brings extensive experience and expertise in both medical, marketing and business management fields. His unmatched skills will help Talkspace to propel to higher levels.

Demystifying Suicide by Ara Chackerian

Ara Chackerian is famously known for his philanthropic work and in the world of business. His work is mainly dedicated to community-based efforts. He has spent a considerable time of his career in healthcare field where he has gained immense experience in linking healthcare services and technology. Ara Chackerian also has a passion in youth development and environmental causes. Nicaragua’s sustainable teak farm is an example of the environmental focus. Agricultural practices that are environmental friendly are used in the enhancement of the operations, as opposed to spoiling the local environment.

In regards to the question on what gave Ara Chackerian the idea of his latest venture, he explains their prior intention together with his business partner of extending their experience to other healthcare areas from diagnostic radiology centers for the out-patients. They spent over 10 years in Northern California constructing network of centers. Transcranial magnetic stimulation was a device based treatment meant for treating depression was a suggestion from their long-time provider partners.

Ara Chackerian has broadly talked about ending suicide stigma. He further states that over 100 lives are lost to suicide every day. Studies indicate that over 45,000 Americans lose their lives to suicide related cases annually. The general laxity from the public on issue surrounding suicide is greatly contributed by fear and misunderstanding on this topic. Major organizations have come together in fighting most issues affecting the society such as, cancer, domestic violence, and heart diseases but none addresses the issues of suicide. Ara Chackeria feels that the topic on suicide requires a given degree of susceptibility and acknowledgement of depression where the public categories it as taboo. You can check out for more.


Ara Chackeria is the opinion that the stigma revolving around suicide could result from the fact the public is unaware of how to react. Suicide cuts across all the demographics, he gives an example of Spade and Bourdain who were successful celebrities but ended up committing suicide. Cases of depression are among the factors leading to suicide. Ara Chackeria advises that opening communication lines will help save lives.



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Gregory Aziz,The Leader Of Industry

Canadian born Industrialist Gregory J Aziz serves as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of National Industries Inc. Greg Aziz also serves as CEO of National Steel Car Limited.Gregory James Aziz was born in the city of Hamilton in 1949. Hamilton is a providence of Ontario. Greg attended Ridley College. He later went on to graduate from the University of Western Ontario, with a degree in economics.


1His family ran the successful wholesale business, Affiliated Foods. He joined his family business in 1971. He worked for the company for sixteen years. With his direction, the company was able to expand its operations globally. The company went on to become the leading importer of fresh foods from Central and South America. It had a distribution market that stretched across Canada and into North America. Affiliate Foods soon become a worldwide distributor of fresh foods.

In 1981 he moved to New York to pursue a career in investment banking, this continued into the 1990s. This allowed him to diversify his money, and purchase the National Steel Car in 1994. Aziz’s goal was to transform National Steel Car into one of the leading freight car companies in North America. With his purchase of National Steel Car, he was able to restore the once great company. He was able to expand the company, and increase its manufacturing capabilities. With his direction he increased its freight cars by nearly ten-thousand. He also increased its staff by more than two-thousand. He has been able to push the company, making it a leader in innovation. National Steel Car currently produces nearly two-thousand freight cars a year.


Aside from being a prominent entrepreneur, he is also a proud family man. James Aziz is known for his Philanthropy; over the years he took part in numerous charitable activities, working to improve the communities within Hamilton. He is involved in charities such as, the Salvation Army, and The United Way. The United Way is a non-profit organization, its focus is to identify and improve community issues within schools, businesses, organized labor, and community development. The United Way is one of the largest Non-profit organizations.


National Steel Car has received numerous awards, including an award from TTX. The TTX award evaluates the performance of a supplier of a product and or service. Companies are rated on quality, cost, delivery, service and Administration. They received this award because of its relentless hard work thru the direction of its CEO Gregory J Aziz. View Related Info Here.


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Sussex Healthcare is Hiring Caregivers and Will Offer On-The-Job Training

Sussex Healthcare is looking to hire more caregivers to fill vacancies for physical therapists, nurses, and administrative staff. The company provides new hires with full training for the different positions, so recruits do not have to have prior experience to apply for a job. Sussex Healthcare wants ambitious individuals who are warm, compassionate, have a good attitude and have a desire to care for people. Caregivers should be open to working day or night shifts and weekends, and they must commit to providing each resident with the highest level of care. Individuals who are interested in working in Sussex Healthcare should also be comfortable working in a team environment, which helps to improve the quality of life for the residents.

It is important for each caregiver to provide each individual patient with a sense of dignity and contribute to making their life better. This means following the care plan for each individual resident and getting to know each resident on a personal level. Caregivers are expected to assist residents with daily living activities such as bathing, dressing, eating, grooming, and more. Sussex Healthcare offers specialized training to its experienced caregivers. Some of the specialties include elderly care, dementia, physical or mental disabilities, terminal illness, and respite.

In addition to training, the company offers its caregivers a competitive pay rate, which includes double the pay rate on holidays. The company also offers many benefits to its caregivers, including bonus pay for working on weekends, paid breaks, free uniforms, free busing for staff, a pension option, and discounted meals to name a few. The main benefit is the comprehensive training, mentoring, and apprenticeship programs caregivers go through so that they can grow in their profession. An article on titled “Sussex Healthcare is Hiring Caregivers at Multiple Locations,” lists Horsham, Uckfield, Crawley, Billingshurst, Henfield, and East Grenstead as the locations where homes have open positions. There is a total of 23 homes, and caregivers can transfer to different homes when there are openings.

The Factors behind the Growth of OSI Industries

OSI Industries has been named as the largest operator in the food industry. Over the years, it has created job opportunities for more than 20, 000 individuals. Globalization is one of the main goals of the food provider. Its expansion goals have seen the firm been operated in 65 facilities and across 17 countries. It is a significant part of the 20th-century history for the United States. The management of the firm has always focused on developing new and modern business models to cope in the competitive food industry. OSI Industries started during a period when a lot of immigrants had moved to the United States, thousands of them resided in Chicago, Illinois.

According to statistics, the Germans constituted about a quarter of the city’s population. Otto Kolschowsky was one of the immigrants. The area started becoming an industrial hub in the country. Most of the individuals used the Chicago route to get into the country. In a few years, the immigrants established farms on the plains. Some people described Chicago city as the City of the Big Shoulders. Otto Kolschowsky opened a butcher shop in the area a few years after moving into the country. Due to his exemplary business skills, he began a wholesale business 10 years later. The period was after the First World War. The company established a new facility in Maywood, Chicago. After another 10 years of operations, the business was still family-owned. It was rebranded and named as Otto and Sons in 1928.

Many years later, OSI Industries exhibited stability and was considered as one of the most successful in the area. After the Second World War, modern suburbs began coming up in Chicago. The demand for the firm’s products increased tremendously over the years. The development prompted the company to adopt innovation to meet the changing needs of the customers and also to survive in the competitive sector. OSI Industries partnered with the McDonald’s to facilitate the distribution of its meat products to various parts of the country through its outlets. Over the years, the food provider became the largest supplier of the meat products to the McDonald’s.

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The Gross Violation of Latinos’ Rights by Arpaio Shuttered by Lacey and Larkin.

One night in 2007, the families of Jim Larkin and his colleague Michael Lacey, who were the co-owners of a very vibrant media publication in Arizona, were woken up by astonishing knocks on their doors. At first, they thought they had been attacked by a gang of thieves, and so the first thing that came to their minds was to call the police.

To their surprise, the gang outside was the police force themselves, who had been sent by the sheriff of Maricopa County to arrest Lacey and Larkin. This came as a shock to their families because they had never been involved in any criminal acts and so they wondered why that was happening. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

However, to the duo, this was not news to them. They had been aware that they had brushed shoulders with the rogue sheriff, Joe Arpaio, and so they were ready for the incidence. The reason behind this was that the two journalists, through a column in their publication, had exposed the misdeeds of the sheriff and his administration to the public. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

This had caused a lot of discomfort to Arpaio, and as it was the norm, anyone who tried to oppose his way of the ruling could be detained and jailed immediately with no sentence. This had angered Lacey and Larkin and decided that they could wait no longer. They published a column showing how rogue the sheriff and his entire office had been unfair to the immigrants’ groups of the Hispanics and the Latinos.

What followed their arrests was a massive outcry by the public demanding the release of the two. The public claimed that the administration was allowed to arrest anyone else but not the two, who had acted like the true voices of the people.

The students also went on the streets demonstrating against the illegal arrests of the two patriotic journalists. Within 24 hours after their arrest, the sheriff was overwhelmed by the outcry and decided to release Michael and Larkin.

However, after their release, they felt it was not enough to shut and watch things happen in the manner they had been happening. They found it necessary to push for their agenda of liberating the two immigrants’ communities who had faced severe discrimination under Arpaio’s administration since 1992.

The two went to court and opened a legal case against Joe Arpaio for arresting them for no cause. The battle continued for a while, but later in 2012, the court of appeal ordered that Maricopa County pays $3.75 to the duo as restitution.

Vinod Gupta Gives Back To Education

Vinod Gupta knows what hard times are. He grew up in a small village north of New Delhi. His home did not have electricity, running water, or a toilet. Vinod Gupta and his family decided to take a chance and move to the United States. Vinod Gupta took his chance and continued his education.


With some knowledge behind him, Gupta worked hard and founded the Business Research Services & American Business List. This company started off small and within a matter of months expanded. As he enjoyed success Gupta decided that he wanted to give back to others and help those through education.


Vinod Gupta decided to give all the money he made to charity and that education should be the focus of the organizations that he is giving his money to. He has felt that education has such an impact on his life he wants to help others as well including women. Vinod Gupta has foundations in his name that give money to advance education in specific fields. He invests in those looking to study business related fields, the sciences, information technology, intellectual property law, wildlife preservation and safety, as well as the field of communications. Find Additional Information Here.


In 1993, Gupta opened the Vinod Gupta School of Management. This school was one of the first higher education centers in India. This school accepted those willing to work hard, including women. He is also known to Invest In Women’s Education. He also opened higher education schools offer Master’s degrees and PhD. There are many programs offered at these various centers and students are given need-based scholarships to attend.



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How Randal Nardone Formed Fortress Investment Group.

Fortress Investment Group will forever be proud of the existence of its Principal, Randal Nardone, who has brought about tremendous transformation to the company. Being a private equity firm, the organization started back two decades ago in 1998. However, Randal felt that its single investment strategy would hinder the company’s growth and so he decided that they were supposed to introduce more investment strategies to the organization. He, therefore, proposed the transformation of Fortress Group from being a private equity firm and made it an alternative investment manager that managed assets strategies of a diversified nature, including real estate, credit fund and other classes of assets.

Randal has shown a lot of expertise and experience in building and managing relationships both with the internal and the external clients of the organization. For the internal clients, who constitute the employees and the personnel of the company, he has built a rapport with them to ensure that they have the best environment to serve the external clients. He has also introduced the employee motivation program where the best performing employees of the organization are rewarded accordingly. Using the knowledge and skills that he acquired while in campus pursuing his undergraduate degree in law, Randal Nardone has also ensured that the employees’ rights are respected and protected at Fortress Investment Group. For instance, all the staff members of the organization are provided with equal opportunities for employment and any other privileges that are granted to the company’s personnel.

How Randal Nardone ended up in the finance and investment sector is a mystery. This is because, during his undergraduate program, the financial mogul had pursued Bachelor of Arts in Biology and English. He later got a degree in Law at the Boston University from the school of law. Even before practicing law, he felt that his fate was never in that industry and hence he switched his career to start working at the Union Bank of Switzerland. This was the place that Randal Nardone gained all the proficiency that he possesses in matters finance and investment. He later felt that he needed to do more than he was doing in his employment, and hence decided to form his own company, Fortress Investment Group.