Securus Technologies and Parolee Financial Obligations

January 25, 2017 @ 11:28 am

Securus Technologies, through its JPay enterprise, is a key player in keeping communities café through its services for parolees. Securus Technologies and JPay provide a financial payment portal for parolees in a growing number of jurisdictions in the United States.


Research on criminal activity reveals that parolees are far less likely to reoffend when they maintain their financial obligations. This includes paying their parole-related fees, restitution, educational costs, and so forth.


Securus Technologies and JPay make it easy for a parolee to stay on top of his or her financial obligations. Through a seamless portal, a parolee can make all required payments online.


In addition to the Securus Technologies and JPay system being easy to use for parolees, the system provides real-time tracking of financial obligations for parole officers. A parole officer can instantly overview a parolee’s payment history.


As an aside, Securus Technologies, and it’s JPay unit, has become the true industry leader when it comes to inmate and parolee financial services. JPay is also the industry leader when it comes to inmate communication.


The inmate communication element of Securus Technologies and JPay breeds a sense of familiarity for an offender when it comes to dealing with parole-related issues. The parolee has experience and confidence in the Securus Technologies and JPay systems, which tends to enhance his or her willingness to immediately engage with the payment portal without hesitation after release from incarceration.


As an aside, JPay has also become one of the major conduits for payments from family members and friends into inmate trust accounts. This further enhances the connection an offender has with the Securus Technologies and JPay system before release from incarceration.


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  1. Kaiya Lachlan

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