The ACLU and the Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund

The American Civil Liberties Union, or ACLU as they are more commonly known, is a political activist organization operating out of the United States of America, and have a lengthy and varied history of defending the rights and freedoms of American residents, both foreign and domestic, stretching back 97 years, to when they were founded in 1920 to combat increasing government censorship, which was in direct violation of the First Ammendment. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

The ACLU provides lawyers and legal experience to those who would otherwise not be able to afford the services of such an experienced and veteran legal team, but more than that, the ACLU takes specific interest in cases where the outcome would set a negative precedent for the future, which would thereby negatively affect the future outcomes of cases dealing with similar issues.

In this way the ACLU provides long-lasting and valuable protections to the constitutional rights of those residing within the united states, citizens in particular, but to all those who may find themselves unjustly prosecuted by the state, weather by systemic discrimination on the part of jurors and judges, or through the unlawful admission of evidence, that should otherwise be overruled, or declared inadmissible in a court of law.

In a similar fashion to the ACLU is the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund, a trust created by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin after their unjust and unlawful arrest by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Arizona in October, 2007.

The fund dedicates the 3.7 Million Dollar settlement from the appeals case to combat similar injustices throughout the United States, but in particular near the US/Mexico border, an area referred to by the fund’s creators as “la línea fronteriza” or “The Border Line”.

This fund will prove a great boon to the ACLU and similar organizations as they continue the ongoing battle to defend the rights and liberties of those who find themselves unjustly coerced by the legal system. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia and Phoenix New Time

The fund was created by the two journalists, both co-founders of Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media after they won an appeals case, resulting from an arrest on October 18th 2007, when the two were dragged from their homes in the early hours of the morning, presumably as an attempt to cover up the journalists’ findings, as they had revealed the existence of grand jury proceedings, which had subpoenaed reporter’s notes on the sheriff who would later arrest them.

The fund will surely ensure that the rights and liberties of US residents, citizens and visitors alike, shall be protected under the just and fair rule of law.

Julie Zuckerberg’s important role in the Corporate World

Julie Zuckerberg is a professional who is highly sought after by corporations in New York due to her outstanding expertise in the recruitment field. The experience that she has acquired for the past 15 years of service in the industry has enabled her to understand what it takes to hire employees who can serve clients well. According to her, businesses that want to penetrate the local and international markets need to have an excellent workforce. Zuckerberg is currently an employee of a German finance institution that is called Deutsche Bank. The recruitment guru completed her education in New York, and she holds law and philosophy degrees.


Zuckerberg was hired by Hudson immediately after finishing her law degree. She acted as the director of candidate placement at the company, which has majored the provision of recruitment and staffing services to corporations across the globe. Most of the businesses that the firm served were in the legal and finance industries, and therefore, it needed professionals such as lawyers, paralegals, and case managers. Zuckerberg’s career at the enterprise lasted for about five years. As a law expert, she assisted the firm in dealing with work-based conflicts between the employer and the employee. Julie’s role as an arbitrator enabled her to enhance her negotiation skills.


The next company that Zuckerberg worked for was the Citi Group. She was hired to hold the executive recruiter’s office at Citi Global Consumer Bank. The recruitment guru coordinated with the administrators of the firm to improve its hiring techniques and compensation trends. Her presence at the company enabled it to better its staff, and therefore, offer better services that its competitors. She also used her industry experience in hiring the corporation’s top executives who included directors and managing directors. The firm depended on her expertise to address critical employee-related issues such as international relocation, promotions, and compensation.


Julie Zuckerberg got an opportunity of serve as the corporate vice president of New York Life Insurance Company in 2013. She spent her short time at the company working closely with its senior managers to make sure that it provided the best insurance and financial solutions to the clients. The Deutsche Bank later hired her due to the wealth of experience that she had acquired during the 15 years that she had served as a recruitment expert. Julie has been with the company for three years and has assisted in bettering its staff and recruitment teams.


Zuckerberg is a resident of the Manhattan, New York. She loves jogging to keep fit because it makes her feel more energized. Julie has developed a passion for art and is a frequent visitor to various museums in the United States. She also loves photography and takes amazing pictures of different places that she visits. Some of the photos that Julie takes are on her Twitter and Facebook accounts. The recruitment guru has been vocal in areas such as economic empowerment of the disadvantaged people, animal welfare, and human rights. Julie Zuckerberg is a pet lover, and she keeps a Persian cat.


Invest Now in the Most Reliable Investment Asset And Explore The Newest Website

Have you ever heard of the U.S. Money Reserve?

They are a company that offers a different solution for Americans looking for a steady and secure investment without risks and can be used to store money in a legitimate way. This method of investment is definitely underrated and not known by most Americans. According to Crunchbase, it is called the “last true currency” by the professionals who have invented the U.S. Money Reserve, but what do they mean with that?

  1. Money Reserve finds solutions for people that want to store their money in government-issued gold coins because those will never lose their value the way that dollars lose. That is why it is called the “last true currency.”
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Their government-issued coins come of gold, silver or platinum and can be stored and invested in like any other investment, but U.S. Money Reserve has additional features for their customers in comparison to other means of saving money for safety.

To begin with, they have updated their website to be more customer-friendly. Now, their website has places where clients can go to learn more about their services and the gold coins that they offer for investments. Also, they have valuable information that serves as a guideline for everyone looking to start investing in this high type of storage.

The group was even featured in the 2016 Gold Summit in Los Angeles, California, with Larry King as the host of the show. Many celebrities appeared, and the representatives of the group explained why it is such a great way of storing capital. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

To explain why investing in government-issued coins, we have to analyze what is the problem with dollars and why they lose their value. Gold does not rely on any institution or bank agency and is still a safe bet without risks of losing money or getting scammed. This reason is the main one on why it is much better to invest in coins.

They are value-centered and have above set value to them that will never devaluate, while dollars will. These currencies have the benefit of being able of outperforming all the other assets, and that include times of economic crisis. The coins are not affected by any global geopolitical concerns.

If you feel interested to learn more about the investment method, go visit their newly updated website, which has been reformed to help the navigation for customers like you.