Sheldon Lavin, OSI Group Chairman

Sheldon Lavin is the perfect example of the saying that Rome was not built in a day as proven by his career in the meat industry. More than four decades ago, Sheldon entered this market as one of the outsiders since he was in the banking industry as a successful executive. In fact, he had his own financial consulting company. From his entrance in the industry, he has become the chairman and CEO of OSI LLC and has been a major player in the transformation of MacDonald’s as a worldwide supplier of burgers. He is responsible for overseeing different branches of OSI Group including OSI industries, OSI International Foods, and OSI International Inc., which holds the company’s investments.

Sheldon has over 20,000 employees of whom he is very proud of since he has been able to instill a culture that he has been able to pass down through all the ranks of workers. OSI has been able to retain its employees because of its friendly and family oriented culture. The CEO believes that the workforce is the most important component of the business and as such should be treasured. His LinkedIn Profile.

Lavin, through OSI Group, has been able to attain a number of awards in his tenure. Some of the areas that Lavin serves in different capacities over the years include being the Trustee for Ronald McDonald House charities, Board member of Rush University, board member of Rush University Medical Center as well as being the director and president of a family charitable foundation known as Sheba Foundation.

OSI has greatly expanded over the years under Sheldon’s supervision. Apart from growing into other companies, it has also received many awards under his watch including numerous environmental and sustainability awards. Lavin is passionate about nurturing other upcoming leaders in the corporate world to help grow and create global opportunities in commerce for their employees.

Beneful Sets Out Its Healthy Options with a Grain Free Recipe

Healthy pet food options have become big business in recent years as pet parents and food manufacturers have been seeking out the best ways of providing a nutritious daily meal for important pet members of any family. Beneful has recently sought a new way of exploring the sector for healthy and nutritious meals for pets to enjoy a healthy life with a daily meal that is free from the problems found in many pet foods manufactured with grains and corn as their main ingredient.

The Beneful grain free recipe has been developed without corn as its main ingredient in a bid to make sure those pet parents who feel they do not wish to provide their pet with an overly processed food can do so in a simple way. As a brand, Beneful has made its name as one of the leading developers of pet foods that are nutritious and filled with the best in natural ingredients; for this latest form of pet food, Beneful Puppy Food has sourced the best in farm raised chicken that provides a healthier option for all dogs when compared to corn based foods.

The goodness of the Beneful grain free recipe does not stop at the use of farm raised chicken, but instead sees this flavorful food filled with a range of tasty ingredients, including spinach and pumpkin. Taste and nutrition combine in a pet food that will leave every dog begging for more.

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The Passionate Marketing Of Bernardo Chua

There are a lot of things that people can say about Bernardo Chua. For one thing, he is a very successful marketer. One thing that makes him successful is that he believes in the products that he markets. He has a vision that he wants to bring forth. He then finds the products that could help him bring forth this vision. Learn more about Bernardo Chua:

Among the products that he has sold is coffee. However, the coffee that he sales is very unique from the other forms of coffee in that they bring forth tons of health benefits. He has put his marketing skills to good use to bring forth something that is worthwhile.

One of Bernardo’s noteworthy companies is Organo Gold. With Organo Gold, he has figured out how he is going to bring awareness of the company and the products that are offered. One of the greatest achievements that he has made with Organo Gold is expanding it to Turkey, which is the home of the first ever coffee house.

Therefore, this is a significant step in the progress of the company. The customers of Turkey not only get to celebrate their culture with a new type of coffee but also get to enjoy some greater health benefits that they wouldn’t have expected to come from coffee.

Organo Gold coffee is worth drinking because of ganoderma, an herb that offers plenty of health benefits. For one thing, this herb has been used to treat many different ailments. PR Newsire stated that Bernardo Chua has been aware of the benefits of this type of herb. Therefore, he has explored ways to bring it out to others.

While he is very good at marketing, he is also very active on social media. Therefore, people can keep up with what he is doing on social media. He has a Platinum Merchandise page that people can look at to learn more about him.

Eduardo Sirotsky: A Successful Brazilian Entrepreneur

Eduardo ‘Duda’ Sirotsky comes from an entrepreneurial family, and thus his business career was shaped from a very young age. Despite being a grandson of the founder of RBS Group, Duda has created a reputable business career.

Duda’s career started right after he finished his Bachelor career when he was 26 years of age. He attended the Pontifical Catholic University for his undergraduate degree and Harvard University for his Master of Business Administration. Check out Clicrbs for more info.

Duda began his career in the United States. He was a manager of the Box Top Media. Duda Melzer was also a franchisor of the Sweet Way. He later went back to Brazil in 2004 and joined RBS as the Director General of the National Market. Four years later, Duda was appointed the Vice President of the Department of Market and Business Development.

Eduardo was later appointed the Executive Vice President of the Company in 2010. He continued to achieve success in the position and was promoted to the position of Chief Executive Officer of RBS Group. Visit Crunchbase to know more.

The Company went through organizational changes which saw Duda gain the chairmanship of the RBS Board of Directors.

Eduardo is also the chairman of e.Bricks Digital, an investment firm. In 2016, the company invested $100 million in various digital businesses. The Company also supports startups with technologies that promote quality in health and education sectors. As of 2016, e.Bricks had invested $300 million to support the businesses.

Eduardo is a speaker and has been invited as a keynote speaker at different forums both nationally and internationally like the World Association of Newspapers.

Throughout his career, Duda has received different awards for his professional experience and skills. Some of the notable awards include the 2006 Cabore Prize and entrepreneur of the year in 2015.

Apart from business, Duda is passionate about sports.

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UKV PLC Stands Out as the Best Place to Purchase Wine

French wines always get labeled by their regions of origin. The place name is identified as part of the classification system that is regulated by the government and is done in line with the winemaking practices and grape varieties. The highest classification quality, in this case, is the appellation d’origine controlee. France produces close to eight billion bottles of wine annually, and as such, it is important to rely on UKV PLC to access the most valuable and fine wines.While France is known to produce wonderful wines, it is important for the beginners to be aware of a few distinguished regions. Burgundy produces both red and white wine with the Reds being Pinot Noir varieties. Bordeaux produces medium-body containing Merlot, Malbec Cabernet Sauvignon or Cabernet Franc. Champagne is a cold climate region, and as such, the producers use double fermentation for production. The Loire produces several wine brands with the most common ones being Muscadet, Chenin Blanc and Sauvignon Blanc.


UKV PLC runs a team of devoted fine wine consultants whose obligation is to help guide wine lovers through the various available options. This team has a wealth of knowledge of the wine market and helps in the selection of the most suitable wine for different occasions. The United Kingdom Vintners is a private company operating independently, and as such, they have a wide network of merchants, traders, and brokers to source from.This company’s business entails acquisition, supply as well as the sale of bonded fine Champaign and wine on behalf of trade customers and private individuals. Social media is one of the greatest platforms over which they reach their potential customers.

UKV PLC is active on social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Through the social media, the company avails to its customers the most recent developments, its products, and its location among other things.There are a variety of fine wines and Champaign present in the market today. Choosing the right one for a specific occasion may be a daunting task. UKV PLC has expert consultants with a deep understanding of the different wine brands. Purchasing wines through this company is the best way to ensure that one chooses the wine that matches the occasion and the purpose.