Thousands of Clients Submit Positive Testimonials for Securus Technologies

August 7, 2017 @ 11:06 am

Today’s leader in prison security technology, Securus Technologies, recently published a few hand picked customer testimonials. The article mentioned that the company received thousands of similar testimonials from its clients. We all know that technology can be used for maliciousness and having technology fall into the wrong hands inside the prison system and within correctional facilities has become a rising issue. Companies like Securus Technologies seek to put an end to that with advanced technology.


President and Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith, was quoted in the article discussing their drive and mission for innovation. According to his quote, it is rare that a week goes by that they don’t develop new products or services to benefit law enforcement.


Below are some examples of the types of crime Securus Technologies is preventing wtihin our prison system.


-Monitored calls led to obtaining a search warrant for a staff member who was providing inmates items that were illegal. This led to his arrest as he was guilty of the activities he was accused of.

-A Sheriff’s office used Location Based Tracking Services to find and seize several million dollars worth of illicit goods and money.

-At one prison, a series of calls were monitored and the prison found out about a large deal of alcohol use, drugs being sold, contraband cell phones being brought it, information about a past shooting and even an outside person admitting on record to selling prescription pills.

-One testimonial was a nod to Securus Technologies commitment to improving public safety both in the prison and in areas that had contact with inmates.

-One facility called Securus Technologies during an investigation and utilized a covert alert feature that enabled them to take the suspect immediately into custody.


These are just a few of thousands of testimonials that came in for Securus.


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