The Real Estate Success of Todd Lubar

August 25, 2017 @ 12:52 am

When asked, Todd Lubar says the secret to his success as an entrepreneur is hard work. This is something that Lubar knows very well. As president of TDL Global Ventures, the hard work hasn’t slowed down at all for this self-motivated real estate professional. Focusing on family homes, TDL has made a name for them rehabbing, buying, and selling single-family and other types of residential real estate. Lubar understands the power of connections and business relationships. He values helping others in their ventures as he was helped on his way to the top. His ability to communicate with others in his industry could be greatly correlated to his degree in Speech Communication.

Since the 90s, Lubar has been on the cutting edge of home technology. He has predicted advancements in the home such as air conditioning technology, HEPA filters, and different lighting options. Lubar still has many ideas about the future of smart home technology that may bring a whole new light into the real estate industry. From voice activation to remote entry, Lubar looks to the future with a hopeful mindset.

Lubar has publicly stated on Patreon his stance on the importance of smart home technology. He believes that these small changes in the home will make for bigger changes across the industry. More homeowners and real estate professionals need to embrace the new technology that is becoming such an important part of our daily lives.

Lubar is well known on Yelp for his tight-knit teams. He will only surround himself professionally with people whom he enjoys working with and trusts. To get on Todd Lubar‘s good side will most likely mean some pretty good things for you in your career. When Lubar isn’t working, he likes to stay fit and spend time with his family. The future looks very bright for this entrepreneur who is pushing forward not just his own career but the entire real estate industry.

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