How Did Boraie Development Bring One Rector Street To Life?

One Rector Street is a massive residential highrise in Newark, New Jersey, and it is a place that was built up by Boraie Development and their primary investor Shaquille O’Neal. People were terming this building Shaq Towers at the opening, and it is a fair assessment because Shaq was a big part of making this building come to life. This article explains how the towers will change not only the face of Newark but the people who live there. Check out Rutgers for more.


#1: Why A Residentail Highrise?


Newark has long been in rebuilding mode, and Boraie Development has been a part of that plan for some time. The company was started by Omar Boraie to help develop as much of New Jersey as possible, and his company came in with the ability to make this highrise the perfect representation of a new city.


Shaquille O’Neal has been their big investor on this project because he wants to see urban areas improve, and he knows that the things he does may change how people in the center of Newark live.


#2: Growing Commerce


The purpose of building something such as One Rector Street is to bring people to this part of the city. Young professionals and old residents may live in this highrise, and their money will support businesses that are settled around the highrise. The highrise is beautiful to look at, and more companies will move in around it over the next few months.


A new community may happen right where this place was built, and it is the sort of community that is often seen in large cities. The people of that community come to identify with the Shaq Towers, and they recognize that the towers have given them a new lease on life. Newark starts to look different because of these buildings, and the people who live in them have brand new lives because of the neighborhood that springs up around them. For more details visit Bloomberg.


#3: The Boraie Development Commitment


Boraie Development has always been committed to making the state of New Jersey a better place to live. They are noted for their work in places such as Newark, Atlantic City, and New Brunswick. Omar Boraie has given countless funds to great causes in the state, and he works with city leaders to find land that is worth developing. His company manages each new project, and they make these projects great places to live/work.



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Soaring Into the Heights With Roberto Santiago

Roberto Santiago remains unmatched in the Brazilian landscape. Santiago, ever since he was a young boy, had envisioned a new and better Brazil. Today, Brazil and Paraiba, in particular, is a completely different landscape all because of Roberto Santiago.


As you are aware, Mr. Santiago had grown into a seasoned entrepreneur in the real estate industry. Roberto, because of his knack of venturing into the unknown, is now the proud owner of Manaira Shopping Mall, the best and largest trade complex in all of Brazil.


Manaira Shopping Mall, a rare masterpiece, opened its doors to the public in 1987 and has been operational ever since. Picture the complex as a mini city just to put your mind in the right perspective. Manaira is the home of value as it hosts different functions. The majestic mall, despite being magnificent, has grown into an entertainment hub that offers people of diverse backgrounds with a rich sense of fun.


The mall, as it turns out, is not only the best in Brazil but also ranks highly in the world, a proof of Santiago’s genius. Everything you need you get from the shopping mall. Remember, the facility is host to over three hundred shops, stalls that bring nothing than the best to you. To say the least, Roberto Santiago has not only revolutionized the country’s economy but also its society.


Heck, Manaira is a mall and a city as it hosts one of the best colleges in Brazil. Today, the mall boasts about hosting the Domus Hall, an expensive space at the top of the complex that got completed in 2009. Domus is so big to the extent that it can accommodate concerts leave alone large conferences, exhibits, and fairs. Additionally, the hall has some of the most sophisticated equipment on the planet, a sign of Robert’s knack for the finest things in life.


Did you know that Roberto also owns yet another monument in Brazil? The Mangabeira is Santiago’s own doing. Mr. Roberto, now in his sixties, has never gotten tired of building masterpieces. Mangabeira, although fairly young, is the second largest and second best shopping mall in Brazil. In short, excellence is a word that best describes Mr. Roberto Santiago for he perfects whatever he sets his sights on.


Santiago has never been an enigma. Like I said, Roberto began working on his dreams while still young. The seasoned billionaire from Joao Pessoa started his career in a carton manufacturing company, a place where he learned how to design and create cardboard boxes. Therefore, Roberto Santiago is a man we can borrow a leaf or two from for he has proved to the world time and again that miracles do happen to those who believe.