Thousands of Clients Submit Positive Testimonials for Securus Technologies

Today’s leader in prison security technology, Securus Technologies, recently published a few hand picked customer testimonials. The article mentioned that the company received thousands of similar testimonials from its clients. We all know that technology can be used for maliciousness and having technology fall into the wrong hands inside the prison system and within correctional facilities has become a rising issue. Companies like Securus Technologies seek to put an end to that with advanced technology.


President and Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith, was quoted in the article discussing their drive and mission for innovation. According to his quote, it is rare that a week goes by that they don’t develop new products or services to benefit law enforcement.


Below are some examples of the types of crime Securus Technologies is preventing wtihin our prison system.


-Monitored calls led to obtaining a search warrant for a staff member who was providing inmates items that were illegal. This led to his arrest as he was guilty of the activities he was accused of.

-A Sheriff’s office used Location Based Tracking Services to find and seize several million dollars worth of illicit goods and money.

-At one prison, a series of calls were monitored and the prison found out about a large deal of alcohol use, drugs being sold, contraband cell phones being brought it, information about a past shooting and even an outside person admitting on record to selling prescription pills.

-One testimonial was a nod to Securus Technologies commitment to improving public safety both in the prison and in areas that had contact with inmates.

-One facility called Securus Technologies during an investigation and utilized a covert alert feature that enabled them to take the suspect immediately into custody.


These are just a few of thousands of testimonials that came in for Securus.


Securus Technology Combats Inmate Contraband Devices

I learned today that Securus Technology, a provider of civil and criminal justice technology in the United States, announced a new technology that it calls Wireless Containment Solution. This company provides its services to correctional facilities and law enforcement agencies across North America including the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

I saw the news that they went live with their Wireless Containment Solution, which will prevent inmates from using wireless devices to communicate with the outside world and each other. This technology not only prevents the devices from working it also provides correctional staff with the electronic identity of the device as well as additional intelligence so that the investigation can result in preventing and solving crimes using these types of devices.

Securus Technology’s competitors have similar technology but their products can only identify the signals, not block them from working. Richard Smith, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technology, said that his company’s technology will control and manage these contraband devices while at the same time allow correctional officers and staff devices connectivity. Smith went on to add that he has heard from correctional facilities that unauthorized cellphones represent a grave threat to not only the staff but can be used by prisoners to engage in illegal activity both within the facility and in the broader community.

I learned that more than 1.2 million inmates are in facilities that use the technology solutions that Securus Technology provides. Among the technological solutions they offer are incident management, communication, information management, inmate self-service, biometric analysis, and monitoring devices and services.

Securus Technology was originally founded in 1986 as Tele-Matic Corporation. I found out that the company renamed itself as T-Netix, Inc. and after a series of acquisitions in 2004 it merged with another big player in the correctional industry, Evercom Systems Inc. After the merger the company was again renamed, this time to its present name of Securus Technology, Inc. The company has acquired a number of other companies in the industry since including DirectHit Systems, Inc., a provider of investigative and data management tools, Archonix LLC, Satellite Tracking of People, LLC, and JLG Technologies among other companies. Today the company is able to fulfill all the technology needs of its clients and routinely updates its products and services to provide even more support.


Securus Technologies and Parolee Financial Obligations

Securus Technologies, through its JPay enterprise, is a key player in keeping communities café through its services for parolees. Securus Technologies and JPay provide a financial payment portal for parolees in a growing number of jurisdictions in the United States.


Research on criminal activity reveals that parolees are far less likely to reoffend when they maintain their financial obligations. This includes paying their parole-related fees, restitution, educational costs, and so forth.


Securus Technologies and JPay make it easy for a parolee to stay on top of his or her financial obligations. Through a seamless portal, a parolee can make all required payments online.


In addition to the Securus Technologies and JPay system being easy to use for parolees, the system provides real-time tracking of financial obligations for parole officers. A parole officer can instantly overview a parolee’s payment history.


As an aside, Securus Technologies, and it’s JPay unit, has become the true industry leader when it comes to inmate and parolee financial services. JPay is also the industry leader when it comes to inmate communication.


The inmate communication element of Securus Technologies and JPay breeds a sense of familiarity for an offender when it comes to dealing with parole-related issues. The parolee has experience and confidence in the Securus Technologies and JPay systems, which tends to enhance his or her willingness to immediately engage with the payment portal without hesitation after release from incarceration.


As an aside, JPay has also become one of the major conduits for payments from family members and friends into inmate trust accounts. This further enhances the connection an offender has with the Securus Technologies and JPay system before release from incarceration.


Make the Holidays Brighter with Securus

One of the main issues that prison families have all across the country is that they simply cannot keep in touch with their loved ones during the holiday season. When one of my own relatives went to prison around the holiday season, it really put a damper on the festivities for me and my loved ones for me. This is why I found it incredibly beneficial to use a service like Securus because of the fact that this was something that enabled us all to keep in touch through video visitation Services all throughout the holiday season.


More and more people are beginning to use to cure it as I have simply because of the fact that it enables them to keep in touch with their loved ones and friends without having to make those long and expensive trips to the prison itself. During the holiday season, you probably do not have the extra time to be making a trip to the local prison and this is why it is imperative that you look into using a service like Securus so that you can benefit from this like so many others have in the past.


What you will find when using Securus is that it is one of the best inmate communication services on the market. In fact, it is currently being used by thousands upon thousands of people just like yourself with great success knowing that they are keeping in touch with their loved ones with great ease. You will also find that the system itself is completely secure and easy for you to use, making it one of the easiest things for you and your loved ones no matter what you happen to be doing at the current moment. Keeping in touch during the holiday season can be a lot easier than you think simply by using the Securus and it is something to take a look into if you have been struggling to keep in touch with your loved one who happens to be behind bars. It is also quite affordable for anyone involved because of the fact that you will find it to be easy to fit into your budget each and every time you happen to use it.


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