Dr. Mark Mofid is the Face of Gluteal Augmentation

Dr. Mark Mofid has a strong reputation as a highly skilled plastic surgeon in the cosmetic medical community. He is well versed in numerous aspects of the field. This is mostly due to the education he received at both Harvard and Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Mofid is confident in his abilities and so are his peers and patients. What separates Dr. Mofid from other surgeons isn’t his formal education however. It is his commitment to innovation in order to improve upon operations.

Dr. Mofid puts the patient’s safety above everything else. He is a surgeon who is just out for profit and gives the patients whatever they ask for even if it is a high risk procedure. This is why so many of his patients trust him wholeheartedly. Dr. Mofid primarily focuses on gluteal augmentation and it is an industry that has been called out multiple times on the news for malpractice. He is working to change this perception about the industry by making sure to adhere to proper safety practices.

Dr. Mark Mofid has done extensive research on the industry and how he can do things that will help it continue to evolve. His attention to detail is what makes his unique approach to innovation so effective. He makes sure he has all the information available about a particular operation before proceeding.

Dr. Mark Mofid began to recognize the many flaws of the industry immediately. He knew there were a lot of things that needed improvement and doing the things the same way wouldn’t help the industry move forward.

Dr. Mark Mofid is almost single-handedly reinventing the gluteal augmentation industry. The biggest complaint about gluteal augmentation throughout the years is the look of the implants. They are often easy to identify and usually sag over time. He decided to end the complaining and designed a gluteal implant that would put past implants to shame. His revolutionary implant has been called the future of gluteal augmentation.